Hey! My name is Amanda and I am a huge advocate for sports. I work with digital marketing and as a strategic consultant for a Sports Travel Company.

I can say that sports molded me into the person that I am today.  And I have a personal goal to spread this feeling. As an athlete for Brazil’s National Flag Football team I manage to practice everyday and also work on my marketing projects. (The bills won’t stop coming!)

As a football player (fullpads) here is my background:

In 2017 I started my career in football as Wide Receiver of Curitiba Silverhawks.

In 2018, I was invited to become a Quarterback. It was a giant challenge to learn lthe throwing mechanics in addition to many hours of playbook and defense study. That year, we competed in the first regional women’s competition. In the championship, I received the MVP award. At the end of the season, the coaching staff requested me now as Running Back. Position in which I remained until 2019.

In 2019, as Running Back and Returner, I conquered more than 250y rushing yards and with 4 Touchdowns in 2 games. The season was short here in Brazil because in July of the same year I traveled to New York where I stayed for 6 months.

There, I had the opportunity to participate in different Flag Football and Touch Football tournaments. Each tournament was different and with different rules, but all were co-ed (mixed men and women). I played as QB, WR and defender.

 In October, I participated in the Boston Renegades OT (Selective). At the time, current WFA champion team, the country’s women’s league. It was a weekend of great learning.

In Football, each practice, each game is undoubtedly an opportunity for learning and to gain experience. My achievements in the sport:

  • 2 State Championships
  • MVP of Paranaense 2018
  • MVP Game @ SP Spartans 2018
  • Silver Helmet – Player of the Year 2018